• Thursday, 23 May 2024

Lalish Cultural Center Festival Showcases Yazidi Kurdish Art and Heritage in Duhok

Lalish Cultural Center Festival Showcases Yazidi Kurdish Art and Heritage in Duhok

The Lalish Cultural Center Festival, held at the University of Duhok, commenced today under the theme "Folklore is the name and title of our originality." The festival aims to celebrate and present the rich Yazidi Kurdish art and heritage from all regions of Kurdistan to attendees.

The opening ceremony, which took place on Thursday, began with the rendition of the anthem "Ay Raqib." Saeed Jardo, the head of the Supreme Authority of the Lalish Al Thafi Center, and Ali Tatar, the governor of Duhok, delivered speeches during the event.

The festival's inauguration featured captivating performances of folk songs by renowned artists Tahseen Khader, Faqir, and Jallow Shankali. The Sharia Dabkeh band also showcased folklore dances, setting the vibrant and celebratory tone of the event. The distribution of prizes will take place at a later time.

The second morning session will include a presentation of photographs of departed singers, followed by a performance of folkloric songs by the "Awazin Meh" band. Attendees will also have the opportunity to experience Yezidi folk food.

After a lunch break, the evening session will commence with captivating musical performances by artists Khloe Shankali, Mahmoud Shankali, and Barakat Ali. Titaly Karmi Sayad, the director of Raido Yerevan, will utilize a data show to present Yazidi Kurdish folklore in Armenia. Additionally, Badran Hikmat, a professor at Mardin University, will shed light on the Yazidi Kurdish heritage in Turkish Kurdistan.

The second evening session will feature a talk by Nassim Shammo, a professor at the University of Dijla, who will explore Yazidi folklore in Rojava. Attendees will also be treated to lively Dabkeh performances by the "City of Olives" band from Bashiqa, showcasing the regional dances of Bashiqa and Hazani.

Furthermore, the second evening session will present scenes depicting the origins and traditions of the Yezidis, accompanied by captivating folklore dances from the Sinjar region, performed by the Sinjar Folklore Band.

The Lalish Cultural Center Festival promises to be a vibrant and immersive experience, offering a unique opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the diverse art and heritage of the Yazidi Kurdish community in Kurdistan.