• Friday, 01 December 2023

Kurdistan Region's Population Expected to Exceed 6.5 Million by End of 2023

Gulan Media July 11, 2023 News
Kurdistan Region's Population Expected to Exceed 6.5 Million by End of 2023

In a recent announcement on World Population Day, the Statistical Office of Kurdistan revealed that the population of the Kurdistan Region is projected to surpass 6.5 million by the conclusion of 2023, excluding internally displaced persons and refugees. This forecast indicates a significant increase in the region's population.

World Population Day, designated by the United Nations on July 11th annually, aims to draw attention to population-related issues around the globe. The Statistical Office's statistics shed light on the demographic landscape of Kurdistan and its future trajectory.

According to the data released, males constitute the majority of the population, with a count of 3,296,240 individuals, while the number of females stands at 3,260,240. The figures highlight the gender distribution within the region.

The Statistical Office further emphasized that 78.4% of the population resides in urban areas, with the remaining 21.6% residing in rural regions. This urbanization trend underscores the ongoing shift of population from rural to urban centers in Kurdistan.

Additionally, the population growth rate in the region is estimated to be around 2% for the year 2023. This steady growth reflects the region's economic development and increasing opportunities that attract both internal and external migration.

However, the Statistical Office acknowledges that the demographic composition of Kurdistan's population has been influenced by the presence of internally displaced Iraqis seeking refuge in the region. According to the International Organization for Migration, the total number of internally displaced persons in Iraq reached 1,111,000 by mid-2022. Among them, Kurdistan Region has accommodated 694,000 individuals, constituting 52.6% of the overall Iraqi internally displaced population.

On a global scale, Iraq currently ranks 35th in terms of population size. As per international statistics, the country's total population reached 45,527,000 individuals.

As the Kurdistan Region prepares for a population exceeding 6.5 million, the authorities are faced with the task of ensuring adequate infrastructure, public services, and social support systems to meet the growing needs of its residents. The projected population increase signifies both opportunities and challenges for the region's development and future planning.

Stay tuned as we bring you more updates on the evolving population dynamics and their impact on Kurdistan's socioeconomic landscape.