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Turkish Drone Strike Claims Lives of Four Asayish Members in Northeastern Syria

Gulan Media September 18, 2023 News
Turkish Drone Strike Claims Lives of Four Asayish Members in Northeastern Syria

In an incident, four members of the Internal Security Forces, known as Asayish, were killed, and five others were injured in a suspected Turkish drone strike targeting a vehicle in the Al-Hasakah province of northeastern Syria. The attack occurred within areas under the jurisdiction of the Autonomous Administration, specifically in the northern countryside of Al-Qamishly.

According to a statement issued by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) on Sunday, the attack claimed the lives of four combatants, including a commander. Additionally, three members of the Internal Security Forces, known as "Al-Asayesh," and two civilians riding a motorbike in the vicinity were injured by shrapnel. The injured individuals were promptly transported to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

SOHR's report sheds light on the escalating violence in the region since the beginning of 2023. Turkish drones have reportedly conducted 49 separate assaults on areas controlled by the Autonomous Administration in northern and northeastern Syria. These attacks have resulted in a total of 62 casualties, comprising 13 civilians, including a child and two women, as well as 46 military personnel and three government soldiers. Furthermore, more than 57 individuals have sustained injuries as a result of these aerial strikes.

Syria has been grappling with a devastating civil conflict since 2011, which has led to the internal and cross-border displacement of thousands of families. The situation in the country has been further complicated by the emergence of Islamic State (IS) extremists in 2014, exacerbating the already precarious and volatile circumstances faced by the Syrian population.

The recent drone strike underscores the ongoing challenges in northeastern Syria and the pressing need for a peaceful resolution to the conflict that has caused immense suffering to its people. International efforts continue to be directed toward finding a sustainable solution to the crisis in Syria and restoring stability to the war-torn nation.