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Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Launches Strategic Industrial Projects in Zakho

Gulan Media November 19, 2023 News
Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Launches Strategic Industrial Projects in Zakho

In a significant development for the Kurdistan Region, Prime Minister Masrour Barzani officially initiated the construction process of the Zakho industrial zone and waste recycling plant on Sunday. The projects are touted as strategic endeavors for the district, with the potential to bring numerous benefits to the local population.

Accompanied by senior Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) cabinet members and local officials from Zakho's independent administration, Prime Minister Barzani laid the foundation stone for these crucial initiatives. Addressing the gathered audience, he highlighted the importance of the twin projects, emphasizing their potential to generate around 5,000 job opportunities for the local community.

“These two important and strategic projects will bring many benefits to Zakho,” Prime Minister Barzani affirmed.

The industrial projects are expected to play a pivotal role in the overall development of the Kurdistan Region. Prime Minister Barzani underscored the need for concerted efforts to meet the Region's market demands, advocating for limited imports and stressing the significance of connecting markets to boost economic development.

“To further the Kurdistan Region’s economic development, we need to connect the markets,” said Prime Minister Barzani, acknowledging the strides made in developing transportation routes that shorten the distance between cities and towns in the Kurdish region.

The waste recycling plant, with an estimated cost of around 31 billion IQD (over $23 million), is a key component of this development initiative. It aims to recycle 80 percent of the waste produced in the area, providing not only economic opportunities but also addressing environmental concerns. Prime Minister Barzani highlighted that the project would contribute to cleaning and protecting the environment, while simultaneously reducing health hazards associated with burning and landfills.

As the Kurdistan Region takes a significant step towards economic growth and environmental sustainability, these projects are poised to shape the future of Zakho and contribute to the overall progress of the region.