• Monday, 22 July 2024

Syrian Regime Soldiers Killed in ISIS Attack in Raqqa Province

Gulan Media April 29, 2024 News
Syrian Regime Soldiers Killed in ISIS Attack in Raqqa Province

A recent attack by Islamic State (ISIS) militants in Syria's Raqqa province has resulted in the deaths of at least four soldiers from the Syrian regime forces, according to a report from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on Monday.

The attack targeted military positions south of the city of Tabqa in the western countryside of Raqqa, where ISIS militants launched a deadly assault on regime forces. The casualties included four members of the regime forces, highlighting the ongoing security challenges faced by government troops in the region.

Following the attack, reinforcements from the National Defense Forces (NDF), a pro-government militia that has been active since the beginning of the Syrian civil war, arrived at the site to support the affected military positions.

ISIS attacks have been escalating in Syria, particularly in the vast eastern and northern deserts where the group operates in a security vacuum, launching surprise assaults and posing serious security threats. Despite losing its territorial control in 2019 after a significant defeat, ISIS remains active and continues to carry out hit-and-run attacks, bombings, and abductions, primarily across the expansive Syrian desert and parts of Iraq.

The resurgence of ISIS attacks underscores the persistent challenges faced by Syrian government forces and the broader security concerns in the region, as efforts continue to combat the ongoing threat posed by the militant group in Syria and beyond.