• Saturday, 13 August 2022

President Nechirvan Barzani to university graduates: Knowledge is your greatest asset

President Nechirvan Barzani to university graduates: Knowledge is your greatest asset

President Nechirvan Barzani participated in the fourth graduation ceremony of the American University of Kurdistan in Dohuk on Tuesday. Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Mr. Masrour Barzani, Foreign Minister of Iraq, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Iraq, the US Consul General in Erbil and a number of ministers and senior officials also attended the ceremony.

The President delivered a speech at the event, in which he congratulated the graduates, their parents and teachers. The President stressed the importance of the next stage for the graduates and the opportunity to serve their country. The President also reaffirmed his support to all universities of the Kurdistan Region, encouraging them to further contribute to finding scientific solutions to existing problems of the country through broader research.

The following is a readout of the President’s speech at the fourth graduation ceremony of American University of Kurdistan in Dohuk.

Dear Graduates,
Dear Participants,
Good evening,
And welcome all.

I welcome all guests, especially foreign guests who made time to take part in this ceremony. I welcome you all.

It is always a pleasure for us to come and visit the beautiful city of Duhok. This evening we are all here with joy at the fourth graduation ceremony of the American University of Kurdistan and to share the jubilation with the graduates, their parents, relatives and teachers.

Dear graduates,

I warmly congratulate you, and thank you for your hard work and sleepless nights for the sake of graduation and success. Today, each of you is a success story. Each of you is a source of pride for all of us. We are proud of you.

You are the hope of the future, and the future leaders of this country. When I see young people like you, my hope for the future of this country becomes brighter. Your presence brings joy to our hearts. It gives us more confidence in the future.

Today, when you enter a new stage of life, work and responsibility, you should always be grateful for the opportunity you have had. Your ancestors were not so fortunate. They fought and served as Peshmergas. They defended the country and freedom with their lives and blood so that you can be free today and study in colleges. You must recognize all their difficulties and never forget that today’s freedom is the result of their sufferings, struggle and sacrifices.

So far, they have fulfilled their duty with the utmost loyalty. They have protected their land and freedom. Today, you must faithfully serve your people and country in all areas of life. With the knowledge you have acquired, you must successfully play an effective and innovative role in building the country and developing our society.

You will become the generator of the country’s development. You must become the foundation of social, scientific and intellectual progress. You must change the system of governance and society to a much better level. This is not an easy task, but you must not give up and must succeed. Just as you did not give up; you worked hard and successfully passed your studies.

Dear graduates,

In this new stage of life, as each of you start working in various fields, we expect you to have a vision, be confident, be professional, take initiatives, be innovative, constructive and productive. In order to achieve your dreams and hopes, be determined, never give up and always strive for the future.

In the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, the country looks to you, all young people who graduate from universities, for your knowledge and learning. You must focus on the present in all areas of infrastructure, economy, development, science, knowledge and so on. Take part in determining the future of the country by effectively participating and taking the initiative in finding solutions to problems and challenges including: climate change, how to protect the environment, decreasing water levels, desertification, social, administrative and political problems and so on.

University graduates in Kurdistan and Iraq should anticipate the problems of today and those of the future. Think about them now and try to find the right solutions. Those who want to complete the other stages of higher education, with the same spirit and belief in success, in effort and hard work, keep up the good work.

On this occasion, I would like to assure everyone that we will continue to support the American University of Kurdistan and other universities in Kurdistan as we always have. We are committed to further progress in the field of education and higher education. We will do whatever we can to support universities and the youth.

We fully support the efforts to establish “the Institute for the Accreditation of Educational Programs and Centers” in the Kurdistan Region. We support and congratulate the efforts of Mr. Masrour Barzani, Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, to establish the institution, and the vision upon which the university is built.

I am happy to see that the American University of Kurdistan attaches importance to many fields, both human and natural sciences. Today, at this ceremony and later at the second phase, a total of 145 graduates will receive their university degrees.

These beloved young people, with the expertise they have acquired, will serve the country in many different fields, such as architectural engineering, business management, electronic engineering, communications and transportation, environment, IT, domestic design, international oil and oil management relations, Public Policy, Security and Strategic Research. This is a source of pride and joy.

Dear Attendees.

I would like to reiterate the role of the university in addressing the needs of the labor market and the areas necessary for the development of the country. For this purpose, the university must pay special attention to data and scientific research in all fields, for which there must be full coordination between the relevant government agencies, the private sector and universities. This will help set current and long-term plans in all areas of development and promotion and respond to the needs of the labor market.

Dear Graduates,

Your best asset, your greatest strength is the knowledge, expertise and characteristics that you have acquired in the stages of education in general and in college education in particular. The best investment your parents have made is that they have done everything they can to help you graduate successfully. Your people and country need you. You will make them, us and everyone else happy with your success, work and service.

You, the wise and educated young people, will always keep the light of hope burning in our hearts. It is your presence that removes despair in our difficulties. You sow the seeds of hope. The future of the country is in your hands. As long as you exist, as long as you succeed and do not give up, we are all sure that a better and brighter future awaits us.

Just as you were here together from all places and communities graduating from this university together, you should also play a role in deepening the spirit and culture of coexistence, solidarity, tolerance and diversity in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. I am very happy with your graduation and success. I am glad to be in Duhok this evening.

I am with you. I congratulate you again. I would like to congratulate your parents and teachers, the university presidency and the management, who are important parts of your success.

I wish you great success. With the help of God, Kurdistan will remain prosperous. Good luck and congratulations again.

I wish you all a good evening.

Thank you very much